We love to travel and we thought, what if we create a travel company where we can take you to some of the places we have been, so you can experience and enjoy the remote places we have seen?

Wild Earth Expeditions was formed, by a group of three with the intention of sharing great adventures and expeditions we have had, with you; visiting places that are not really well-traveled.

We take care of the hard part like the organization and logistical stuff, making it easier for you to get there and enjoy the ultimate traveling experience!

Join us for a Wild Earth Expedition to explore this Wild Earth we live in!

Wild . Earth . Expeditions

Our Team

Chris Perri
Founder and Expedition Leader

Chris loves to travel as much as he can. He loves exploring places, people and cultures. He has a love for ancient history, old maps and browsing the National geographic. Exploring new places has allowed him to respect the intelligence and integrity of all people within their culture..” Chris has been married for more than 10 years and has one child currently in school.

Founder and Expedition Leader

Nasim is a simple person that does not need much in life as long as she has a good book with her on her travels.  Nasim has traveled extensively throughout the world and enjoys every minute of it. One highlight was definitely going to Easter Island (Rapa Nui), the tiny Island in the Pacific Ocean and exploring the history and culture and being up close with the Moai.



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